Litigation Services

Jasmine Davenport-Murray consults for attorneys that need expert opinions on topics, such as food-borne illness complaints, food allergies, food manufacturing, food service, food regulations, and nutrition. Her diverse background makes her ideally suited for challenging cases where it is important or helpful to be able to integrate information from a number of different disciplines. Her professional experience is truly unique and her credentials make her unimpeachable. Her Litigation Services include client consultations, conferences, reading, reviewing, and organizing documents, site visits, research, writing and preparing reports, depositions, and trials. Mrs. Murray expertise is available to attorneys for both Plaintiff and Defense.

• Food Safety
• Food Allergens
• Foodborne Illness
• Food Fraud
• Food Forensics
• Pest Related Issues
• Food Safety Audits
• Health Inspection Preparedness
• Restaurant Start Up