Consulting Services

ARF Food Safety Consulting Group provides individually tailored specialized food safety consulting services to organizations looking to improve food safety measures, maintain regulatory compliance, and protect their brand identity.

General Consulting

General consulting services are available as needed. If it has anything to do with food safety we can solve the problem. We can make sure you are serving the safest food possible in the least intrusive way possible. We work with independent stores to chains, universities to day care centers, and mobile vendor trucks.

ARF Auditory and Consulting Services include:
• Assistance with local health department permitting processes
• Preparation for initial and routine health inspections
• A review of your existing building and construction and the general safety of the facility
• A GAP analysis and Pre-Assessment to determine your dining service needs
• Third party comprehensive food safety audits
• Identification of any needs for proper signage
• Identification of any sources of potential cross contamination utilizing time and temperature control, and
health control guidelines
• A comprehensive written program with instruction for compliance for partners in all levels of operation
• Staff training on new policies and procedures while implementing a food safety culture
• Implementation of proper documentation and record-keeping procedures
• Provide ongoing support and new standards information specific to food categories and industry sector
• Provide Food Safety Manager certification and Food Handler classes for food handling staff

Plan Review

We offer full plan review for new construction or remodel of existing restaurants.

A thorough plan review is essential in making sure that you are in compliance with all health department requirements and therefore avoiding costly and timely mistakes. By reviewing and making recommendations for architectural plans, food service equipment, menus and all sanitation policies, we can identify potential problems BEFORE costly purchases, installation and construction begins.

HACCP Plan Development

We can develop your entire HACCP and safety programs, ensuring that each of the seven principle steps of HACCP is adequately addressed, including:

  • Identifying Hazards
  • Identifying Critical Control Points
  • Setting up Procedures and Standards
  • Monitoring Critical Control Points
  • Taking Corrective Actions
  • Developing HACCP record keeping systems
  • HACCP program Verification

Contact ARF Food Safety Consulting Group today for more information about how we can assist your company in developing a HACCP plan.